As my mother would say!

I have decided to set up a blog and call it As My Mother Would Say! . The main reason to see if I can.  What I’ll write  about I have no  idea.  I suppose I could start with my birthday  which was on Friday the 12th. I’ll not say how old I am , but what I will say is I’m too young for this age.  As are many of my friends and a lot of my contemporaries.  We are living life to the full.

Now it has to be said I am not mutton  dress as lamb, nor am I chasing after my youth, as I was told after I graduated  as a mature student. I am now doing the things I had talk about eg.finding my birth mother but never got around to it.

I am also for instance learning new skills both physical and mental.  It’s so much fun.   Even when you make a mess and an idiot of yourself.  My Granddaughter called me a recycled granny.  I’m not too sure what she actually meant by that but I liked it. What I’m doing right now, editing this blog, is a new skill and it’s extremely interesting.

I’m not sure if my grand kids will ever see this but if they do I want them to know I am so much enjoying my time  with them. This is my test blog.



I am starting out on a discovery trip 1. To find out as much as I can about my family background which is quite definitely not what I imagined. 2. I hope to pass on to my grandkids the notion/idea that there's no time limit on what you can achieve. If you have given your best and something still appears insurmountable don't worry. Leave it, you can always, if you wish, go back to it.

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